Why Would You Use Car Shampoo?

For many people, their motor vehicle is an extension of their personality. It is a source of pride – and it is certainly among the largest investments that they will make in their lifetime. theu spend time and money to ensure that it runs correctly and looks its best. One of the ways that car owners ensure that their investment is always looking its best is to use car shampoo. However, some people ask if using this type of specialized detergent is worth the cost and effort. Let’s take a look at some facts about car shampoo that might provide you with a reason to go the extra mile in caring for your automobile.

Car shampoo has been specially formulated from a mixture of perfumes, dyes, chemicals and preservatives which have been mixed to provide a formulation that protects the paintwork of the car from environmental damage and preserves its original luster. There are a variety of substances such as bird droppings and oils from road use that need to be removed gently. Careful cleaning, with car shampoo, will ensure that the paintwork of the car is not damaged.

Many people will attempt to take the short cut of using ordinary detergent (washing up liquid). After all, the use of ordinary household washing detergent will save money. In fact, this is not the case. The sue of diluted washing up liquid will eventually strip the waxes that coat the car and the high salt content of these detergents can further damage the paintwork of the motor vehicle. The long term costs of using this type of detergent may include having the paintwork refreshed – at considerable expense.

The reason that car shampoos are so effective is that they contain a large concentration of molecules known as ‘surfactants’. Thse bond to water at one end of the molecule and dirt to the other. This has the effect of lowering the surface tension between the two and allowing it to be easily washed away. Normal household detergents may contain only small amounts of these molecules – if any at all.

Rinsing the dirt away after using a good quality car shampoo is best achieved through the use of a lambswool or sheepskin washing mitt. The reason for using these is that normal clothes simply do not absorb dirt – they merely drag it across the surface of the paintwork when they are used. This can cause damage (though microabrasion) to the paint and the appearance of ‘swirls’.

When you are preparing to use your car shampoo make sure that the project takes place out of direct sunlight and rinse it down first. This will remove many of the larger particles of grime and dust. Rinse as you go to ensure the best result. Keep two buckets handle. One for the detergent mixture and the other with clean water to rinse off the washing mitt.

Make sure to use a high-quality car shampoo to ensure that one of yur most precious investments is kept in showroom condition. It’s your pride and joy – and first impressions matter.