Interior Detail


Our interior detail touches into every crevice of your vehicle and leaves it nearly spotless. Our specialty is to return your vehicle as close to mint condition as possible.

  • Hand Car Wash
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Armorall Entire Vehicle
  • Shampoo Floor Mats, Carpets, & Seats
  • Fabric/Leather Cleaning
  • Leather Conditioning

Hand Wax Detail

car interior detailing


Our exterior-focused hand wax detail covers at a basic level everything you may need on the outside of your vehicle. Whether you just need a maintenance clean or a deep scrub to recover from a long Chicago Winter, this is the service you’ve been looking for.

  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Grease Removal
  • Rim Cleaning & Treatment
  • Exterior Carnauba Wax Applied by Orbital
  • Clean & Polish Glass
  • Armorall Entire Vehicle
  • Shampoo Floor Mats

Professional Detail

car exterior detailing



Our detailing services can take up to 4 hours for our professional packages. For your convenience, we are equipped to come to your home or office or pick up your vehicle and drop it off. Just give us a call and set up a time and place right now.

  • Hand Car Wash
  • Tar/Grease Removal
  • Treat Moldings & Rims
  • Polish Wax Applied With High Sped Buffer and Silk/Wool Cutting Pad
  • Orbital Application of Carnauba Wax
  • Dress Moldings, Bumpers, Tires
  • Clean/Polish Glass
  • Crevice Vacuum Interior & Trunk
  • Shampoo All Surfaces
  • Clean & Dress Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic
  • Clean & Condition Leather

Showroom Detail


mobile auto detailingOur Showroom-Level clean. You probably have never seen your vehicle this clean in it’s lifetime. In fact, we may even leave it cleaner than the day you picked it up off the lot with 0 miles. there’s a reason its called the Showroom detail.

  • Hand Wash Car
  • Clay service (Decontaminates the Paint Work & Removes Rail Dust & Pollutants)
  • Treat & clean Rims & Moldings
  • Oxidation & Light Scratch Remover Cutting Cream applied by High Sped Buffer with Silk/Wool Cutting Pad
  • Polishing Wax with Special Polymers Applied by High Speed Buffer with Foam Polishing Pad
  • Surface Protector/Carnauba Wax Applied with Orbital
  • Dress Exterior Moldings, Bumpers, & Tires
  • Clean & Polish Glass
  • Crevice Vacuum Complete Interior & Trunk
  • All Vinyl, Plastic, & Rubber Deep Cleaned & Dressed
  • All Leather Deep Cleaned & Conditioned