How To Go About Sellling Your Junk Car For Cold Hard Cash

There are certain things that you simply do not need in your life. Stress and anxiety are two of those – and a junk car that is sitting in the drive or up on blocks in a yard is not only unsightly – but can also impact on your quality of life. No wants wants a junk car sitting around and becoming more and more of an eyesore every day. For many people the solution is to simply have it towed. However, there are ways that you can go about sellling your junk car for cold hard cash (it does not even have to be in running condition) – it just takes a bit of imagination.

In some instances the Internet can really be your friend when you are trying to unload that junker. There’s nothing shady about the practice, an ad on Craigslist will often bring quick results. the fact of the matter is that what you call a piece of junk is a goldmine of spare parts for someone else. However, make sure that any buyer is well aware of the condition of the car – point out the faults. It may not be a bad idea to list them and print out a document for signature by the buyer. But make sure that you note that those are only the faults that you are aware of.

It’s also not always necessary to sell the entire car as a unit. There are plenty of dealers out there who may be interested in parts – and may be willing to pay top dollar for them. Of course this approach requires that you have a certain level of mechanical know how. For those who lack these skills there is till the option of removing smaller parts such as wing mirrors, lights and even a factory fitted radio. All of those items are of interest to someone.

Then there is always the tried and age tested approach of getting hold of a local junkyard. The advantage of this approach is that the operator of the yard will often come and remove the car from your premises – so at least you have the peace of mind of knowing that the eyesore will have disappeared. It may be worth asking if you can remove the accessories prior to them coming for the vehicle. Often they are only interested in the more structural parts of the car such as the gearbox or the doors and trunk (as examples) you may still be able to make some money from those smaller items.

In a case where the car is in simply awful condition and the parts are not even worth the effort there is still value in the metal itself. Older models are especially valuable due to the fact that the metal used in their construction is of fabulous quality. You are not going to make as much money as selling it as a source of spare parts – but you will be able to pocket some cash.

Be inventive and look around – you might be surprised at how much better your bank account can look – and how much more attractive your property becomes once you get around to Sellling your junk car.