Great Ways To Sell a Non Running Car

When it comes to selling in your car to a dealership, it will not give you the best bang for your buck. As a matter of fact, it’s the worst place to sell your car and if it does not run, chances are they will not even talk to you. So, how do you sell a non running car? Well, there are several options to consider including:

Parting Out Your Vehicle

If your car has a serious mechanical condition, then parting it out is one of the best ways to make money. There is always someone out there who needs a specific part and purchasing new dealer specific parts can be outrageous.

You have the option to sell each part of your car and if you want to reach the most number of people, eBay is probably the best. Some of the parts that you should consider pulling off and selling include the mirrors, center console, steering wheel, CD player or radio, wheels, instrument cluster, and headlights. Just think of all those little things that are costly to get from a dealership, particularly the vehicle specific ones. That usually generates a bit of money.

If you are adventurous enough, you can proceed to stuff like fluid containers, the alternator, heat/air cluster, automatic window motors and anything else you think would be expensive to get in a new condition. When selling online ensure you state any flaw with the parts that you are selling.

Selling to A Junkyard

Most junkyards will come and haul off your non-running car and pay a few hundred dollars. Some used car dealerships also do this. It is wise to part out as much as you can, but keep in mind that some scrap yards and junkyards won’t take a vehicle without some parts.

More often than not, they just make an appearance, put the car on the tow truck and offer you money. However, some tend to be pickier. If the car’s original catalytic converter is still on, some will offer you more money. However, some tell you that it’s not the original in order to get away with your money, so have a mechanically inclined person check it for you first.

Selling your vehicle to a junkyard is also a great option if you don’t want to part it out or don’t like the idea of selling it on your own.

Scrapping The Vehicle

Once your vehicle is officially a goner, this is usually your last option. This simply means selling your vehicle for the resources by weight.

This is an option that tends to work well for heavier cars, particularly older trucks. Ensure that you part out as much as possible as the scrapyard won’t care what is left in it. All they do is weight the car and compensate you accordingly.

The biggest downside with this option is that most scrapyards will not tow your car for you and that means you will cover the cost of a tow service. regardless, it is still an excellent way to sell a non running car, especially if you have no plans for it.